Want to know how to end belly flab in the postpartum?

Do you suffer from flabbiness in your belly since your child was born?

Do you feel uncomfortable, often with the skin over your jeans, or often marking on a tighter shirt?

So read this post to the end that I will explain how to put an end to the flabbiness of the belly in the postpartum period.

Many mothers lose the freedom to wear the clothes they want after childbirth, and many think this is normal.

“Ah now that I’m a mother, it’s okay for me to wear wider and more discreet clothes.”

Look, I’m sure you don’t want to wear a mother’s cape and forget that you’re still a woman.

That you want to feel beautiful and desired, in any outfit, even as a mother.

Who wants to hear a “Wow, it doesn’t even look like you’re a mother …”.

I know how much the flabbiness of the belly in the Postpartum period bothers me.

I know this is one of the points of greatest sadness and frustration after pregnancy. Many go into depression with what happened to their body.

I see many with a broken marriage because they do not feel more beautiful, desired or because they are ashamed of their husband to the point of not being able to have an intimate night with the light on. Beach or pool then … it seems like an impossible dream.

And I want to tell you how to end the belly flab in Postpartum.

You must be wondering … What do I do? Where does this flab come from? How will I solve it?

Calm down, I’ll explain everything in this article.

First, you need to understand that this sagging is not just on the skin.

It also comes from the muscles that are under that skin.

Even if you do thousands of aesthetic treatments for the skin, it will not help if the muscle that supports that skin is not recovered.

All that flab, that jelly that settled in your belly, that bothers you so much comes from the so-called Diastasis.

It doesn’t matter if you had a child a few days ago, or many years ago, if you have flaccidity you certainly still have diastasis.

Although Diastasis is a natural process of opening the muscles to accommodate the baby during pregnancy, this return after pregnancy is not so natural and in 90% of cases, diastasis remains, and

weakness and stretching also, giving the belly that vision of sagging, swelling, as if the woman was still a few months pregnant.

This muscle has been stretched, loosened and removed from the place it should be, so it becomes weak, open and stops supporting the skin.

Your spine and posture will suffer from this, your perineum will be weakened, and your belly will not return.

Unfortunately, this is a great lack of knowledge in the health world, and professionals do not know how to deal with their bodies, whether in the aesthetic, medical, physiotherapists and physical educators.

Now you must be desperate thinking … But Gizele, if health professionals do not know the process of recovery from diastasis, how will I recover my belly?

The answer is EXERCISES … But not just any exercise … SPECIALIZED EXERCISES.

I developed my method of recovering from Diastasis by researching everything about our body and attending and testing my students in these almost 20 years as a Personal Trainer Specializing in Mothers.

With that I managed to reach an enlightening point and create a methodology that will help you to finally have your belly back.

Without surgery, without expensive aesthetic treatments, without hours at the gym, without leaving your child aside, without depending on anyone.

Do not fall prey to other programs out there that are said to be for mothers, they even talk about diastasis, but they are not concerned at all with the changes that your body has undergone during pregnancy.

They are just one more in the crowd, and they will not make your belly come back …

I attend many women who do various types of exercises, online programs, pilates, functional training, weight training and the belly is always there.

In many cases there is even an increase in diastasis.

WARNING … Traditional flexion crunches, rotation sides and even planks (excluded of all types) should be progressively.

If someone tries to apply any of these exercises to you, FLEE! Your body will get worse.

THEN… it doesn’t have to be that way. You can win your belly back and feel attractive again. If you feel, feel like a woman!

Wear the clothes you want to wear and not the ones you need to wear.

And if you identified with that and are determined to end Flaccidity and have your belly back, pay attention to what I am going to show you now.

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