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Reverse your Diastasis and Recover Your Pre-Pregnancy Belly with the Greatest Specialist in Brazil ...

Discover the exclusive method that has reversed Diastasis and recovered the belly of celebrities and more than 15 thousand mothers in more than 30 countries. The Diastasis Free method recovers the effects that Pregnancy has had on your Body, and promotes the exclusive Permanent Shaping Belt Effect …

See the Real case of this Mother who reversed Diastasis and the Apron Belly ...

After 2 years of a single pregnancy, she saw her belly changing with the Diastasis Free Program …

* results vary for each person according to the training application.


After 2 years of spending lots of money on treatments that did not bring results …

See how this Mother is feeling after the Program ...

You can also achieve the same incredible results ...

Have a flat belly even afterward years of pregnancy … between 7 and 15 days you can see the first results!

There are 4 phases to reverse diastasis every day and to flatten the belly ...

Phase 01

Closing Diastasis and getting your belly back ...

This is the shock phase. Your awareness and strength will improve and you will start to see this improvement in 7 to 15 days. It will improve the control of the belly, the perineum and the diastasis will decrease. At the end of this phase, the belly should already be almost straight and the diastasis measures reduced. Your waist will start to taper and your body will shape.

Phases 02 and 03

The End of Diastasis

Phases 2 and 3 will be the phases of regeneration of the ruptured tissue and compromised with the diastasis. We enhance the results of belly strength with more advanced exercises that will make the belly straighter, slimmer waist together with a new and beautiful posture! You will already have another body!

Phase 04

Thinning 360º

It will be the phase of polishing and boosting each result. The belly’s definition will already be different because of the stronger exercises that will prepare you to test the return of traditional exercises after finishing.

At home or the gym ...

You can access the program any time you want … 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 365 days. You just need to have access to the internet and use your Cell Phone, Computer, Smart TV or Tablet to play and be able to train wherever and whenever you want.

Real Results of Mothers who have recovered the Belly, even after years of Pregnancy ...

*the results vary for each person according to the training application.


After 12 years and 2 pregnancies


Prepared for the second pregnancy


The belly was totally straight and firm


Conquered the straight belly

Do you have doubts if the program is really for you?

“Every woman who has gone through Pregnancy needs Specialized Exercises to Recover Diastasis, Belly and Body…

Learn the history of these 4 mothers and see how the program changed their lives ...

See the Real Testimony of Mothers who decided to put an end to the suffering with a belly that does not return and through the program, they recovered their self-esteem, the body they used to Pregnancy and today they are happy again.

Who is Gizele Monteiro?

Gizele Monteiro is the creator of the method that has already helped more than 23.000 women to reverse Diastasis, recover their belly and body after Pregnancy. There are more than 20 years of experience, a Master’s degree from Unifesp and specializations abroad. More than 23.000 students in more than 30 countries around the world in the Mothers Without Diastasis and Pregnancy Without Diastasis programs. Gizele has consulted dozens of TV shows, from various celebrities and influencers. Participating in many articles in magazines and newspapers.

In addition to the 4 phases of the Program, if you buy it today you’ll get all these bonuses for free!


I prepared 3 fantastic circuits and in the right and safe dose to detonate your fat without drying your milk. – Training time: 4 to 16 minutes. – Selected exercises that do not strain your joints and belly. – Perfect combination of exercises to recover your entire body. DOES NOT use traditional sit-ups, burpees, jumps and other dangerous exercises for youMOTHER


I selected postural exercises that improve joint pain and still help in the return of your belly.No pain in the back, hips, legs … common pain because your body works a lot with the demands of the baby’s routine.


Where’s My Butt ?? This is the second most common complaint of mothers !!! So I did a combination of exercises that fight sagging, cellulite and will make your butt harder and in place. It will also help you get back to the measurements.

Gizele Monteiro – AG Treinamentos Me Ltda

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